A.Spendiarian Opera and Ballet National Academic Theatre today presents itself to us a new with its decades of history and traditions. Today it is possible not only to visit the theatre by watching performances, but also by touring in it.

From now on, whatever the spectator doesn’t see during plays will now be able to see by participating at the “OPERA TOUR” program. The theatre’s halls, backstage, balconies reflecting beautiful scenes of Yerevan and the workshops will now be open to you. During the tour, meetings with beloved artists and workers of the Theatre will also be organized. This is a unique opportunity to meet and be familiar with the architectural masterpiece located at the heart of Yerevan.

The “OPERA TOUR” program will be organized in different languages. For one tour participants will be at least 10 person, maximum 25 person, and fee for each visitor will cost 3000 AMD.

For getting tour tickets, please refer to Theatre’s ticket offices.