The Opera and Ballet National Academic Theater named after Alexander Spendiaryan has become one of the cultural symbols of our country. It is not coincidental at all that for decades Armenia’s head theater was trusted the honorable and responsible duty to represent our country in different corners of the world.

For more than eighty years the Opera and Ballet Theatre has introduced the Armenian spectator, as well as the visitors of Armenia, to the world’s and Armenian masterpieces. It is from here that the best opera works have received life and new successes.

One of the primary focuses of Armenia’s main theatre throughout the times was not only to put the spectator into a dialogue with culture, but also it is there that all creative forces are formed, with which the theater has been represented to the audience, giving hundreds of vibrant names to the international cultural family.

Today the theater’s creative teams continue all  the theatrical, musical traditions that were formed during the decades. The theater is a living organism and is permanently found in the process discovering new creative methods, and executing new ideas. The greatest mission of the theatre is continued today by becoming an important cultural destination for the visitor to Armenia.

There are also internationally well-known artists that frequently get on stage of the Opera and Ballet National Academic Theater. An importance is given to artists that are by origin Armenian.

The theater also gives special place to symphonic and chamber nights, which gives the opportunity to the spectator to get in touch with the best creations of the international musical treasury.