Young artists opera program

In December 2015 by the initiative of the Art Director of the National Academic theatre of opera and ballet after A. Spendiaryan Gegham Grigoryan, the program of young opera singers was launched, having set as its main goal improvement and versatile development of young opera singers.

During the upcoming years the participants will be trained not only in stage and singing manners but they will also be taught the languages of the opera art: Italian, French, German.

Each and every participant will be given a chance to participate in repertoire and premiere performances, as well as in concert performances, which will serve as big experience for the participants of the program.


Levon Javadyan

Head of young artists opera program




Julietta Alexanyan(soprano)gg

Julietta Aleksanyan

Lusine Makaryan(soprano)1c

Lusine Makaryan

Marianna Martirosyan(soprano)

Marianna Martirosyan

Nune Grigoryan(soprano)

Nune Grigoryan

Silva Petrosyan(soprano)

Silva Martirosyan


Anush Martirosyan(mezzo-soprano)

Anoush Martirosyan

Sofia Tumanyan(mezzo-soprano)ը

Sofia Toumanyan



Tigran Ohanyan


Vardan Sahakyan(bariton)

Vardan Sahakyan


Gosh Sargsyan(Bass)գ

Gosh Sargsyan

Sargis Bajbeuk-Melkyan(Bass)բ

Sargis Bazhbehuk-Melikyan